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Natural Chemistry Spa Chlorine Granuals 5lbs.

Controls Bacteria and Algae in Spa Water

Natural Chemistry's Spa Chlorine Concentrate Granules is specifically designed for spas to help control bacteria and algae in spa water.

Specifically designed for spas and hot tubs
Concentrated formu


Spa Stain & Scale Control Natural Chemistry 33.9 fl oz

Natural Chemistry Spa Stain & Scale Control protects your spa from the damaging effects of scale build-up and staining due to excessive calcium, iron, copper, and other minerals. Spa Stain & Scale works without the use of phosphates or harsh acids. This p


Spa Defoamer Plus Natural Chemistry 33.9 fl oz

Natural Chemistry Defoamer Plus quickly and easily removes foam in spas and hot tubs. Just a quick squirt of product and watch as the foam disappears.


Natural Chemistry PH Decreaser

Natural Chemistry's Spa pH Decreaser lowers the pH of water in spas. Spa water should be maintained between a pH of 7.2 and 7.6. When pH is too high (above 7.6), water becomes uncomfortable to bathers, sanitizers lose their efficiency, water may become cl


Calcium Increaser Natural Chemistry

Raises Calcium Hardness in Spa/Hot Tub Water

Natural Chemistry’s Spa Calcium Increaser is used to raise calcium hardness in spa water. Calcium hardness in spa water should be maintained between 150-250 ppm. Low calcium hardness levels could cause the s