Marquis Threaded Filter 35sf 20092


Diameter: 5 1/4"
Length: 12 3/16"
Top: Handle
Bottom: 2" MPT Threaded
Availability: In stock


A fundamental design feature of all Marquis hot tubs is high volume filtration. For best results and to ensure long-term peace of mind, Marquis-approved hot tub filters have been tested for maximum compatibility, reliability and durability. Don’t compromise the efficiency of your hot tub or jeopardize your water care with off-brand filters, knockoffs or cheap imported spa supplies. Only use Marquis-approved filters sold by an authorized Marquis hot tub dealer.



Marquis constant clean filtration takes advantage of the hot tub’s primary high-flow pump, with a flow rate up to 80 gallons per minute (303 LPM) when running at low speed. This filters the hot tub's entire water volume an average of 34 times, while only running twice per day for a total of two to three hours.1

  • Other brands: Most hot tub manufacturers use a low-flow circulation pump that runs 24/7, with a flow rate up to seven gallons per minute (26 LPM). This filters the water an average of 28 times per day, while running for 24 hours straight.1 Off-brand filters, knockoffs and cheap imports are designed for these slow, low-flow filtration systems and are not suitable for Marquis hot tubs.

1Comparison based on a 350 gallon spa with a 24/7 low-flow circulation pump, versus a Marquis dual-speed 160 GPM (606 LPM) pump running at low speed (80 GPM/ 303 LPM) for two to three hours per day.




Marquis-approved hot tub filters use high-quality filter media with the maximum recommended surface area in each filter size. This improves filter lifespan and ensures highly-efficient filtration. For optimum performance, Marquis recommends periodic cleaning of your filters using marquis rapid action filter cleaner according to the product instructions.

  • Other brands: Off-brand filters, knockoffs and cheap imports cut corners by using flimsy filter media with reduced surface area. They are typically less durable, less efficient and have a shorter lifespan.





Marquis recommends using filters treated with a premium anti-microbial coating to discourage bacterial growth within the filter media.

  • Other brands: Off-brand filters, knockoffs and cheap imports often lack reliable anti-microbial protection. As a result, the filter fibers are more susceptible to bacterial growth. 



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